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About Us

Learning how to get the f*ck out of our own way has been an inner personal journey for both of us in similar yet different ways. We have both experienced anxiety, traumas, and have had to figure out how to pick up the pieces along the way. 

In finding our inner strength came a lot of self talk (You F*cking got this!), therapy, crystal healing and acknowledging our mistakes and our wins. Understanding how to get out of your own F*cking Way is not easy but creating daily practices and finding the humor in it is life changing.

Speaking and writing our gratitude daily has created an essential routine that allows us to find our calm in the storm and see the light. Once we figured out that it was up to us to find the light at the end of tunnel, we found our purpose and decided we had to light that bitch up!

We make it our job to choose joy, stay in positive vibes and surround ourselves with like-minded souls.



Chrissy + Nicole